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Receiving feedback on my work is hugely important and enables me to feel affirmed, whilst at the same to providing vital insight into where I am able to add value and serve this community. Thank you to all the authors and illustrators below for their kind words.


Author testimonial

Sabine Adeyinka

"Thank you for this beautiful review! You read that book inside out! So encouraging!"

Read my review of 'Jummy at the River School' (Chicken House, 2022) For ages 9+

Author & Illustrator testimonial

Sue Cheung

"This is the most awesomesauce review - thank you. I forget about the things I wrote about, like gerbils in eggcups, then I'm reminded and think, "OMG where did that come from?"

Read my review of 'Maddy Yip's Guide to Holidays' (Andersen Press, 2022) For ages 7+

Hannah Gold

Author testimonial

Hannah Gold

"This is a brilliant review for The Lost Whale in case you were wondering how it compares to The Last Bear &/or how you could use it in the classroom as a learning tool for conservation/mental health awareness"

Read my review of 'The Lost Whale' (HarperCollins, 2022) For ages 8+

Author testimonial

Nizrana Farook

"Thank you so much! Your reviews are so lovely and detailed."

Read my review of 'The Girl Who Lost a Leopard' (Nosey Crow, 2022) For ages 8+

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