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KS1 Book Club: Narwhalicorn and Jelly (book 7) by Ben Clanton (Farshore)

Illustrated by Ben Clanton

For ages 5+

A perfect antidote to the gloomy weather this morning, dark skies and pouring rain... the graphic novels book club session! YAY! Every year about this time I look forward to a new 'Narwhal and Jelly' to add to my collection. I love this series so much I even have the plushies and very excitedly this year won a Narwhal book mark made by Ben Clanton in a charity auction. So here we are... book 7 in this absolutely awesome young reader graphic novel series. So much fun!

Narwhal and Jelly are best of friends, living under the sea (most of the time) where they have adorable adventures, all the while learning all about friendship, caring for others, making things fun, trying new things and so much more. What's really cool is that between chapters there are some 'Fun Facts' pages where the reader might learn about different sea creatures, or in this book's case all the different creatures on Earth extinct or alive who have a 'unicorn' horn.

Words and Illustration © Ben Clanton
Words and Illustration © Ben Clanton

Ben Clanton is so clever with his wordplay, a true connoisseur, especially when it comes to onomatopoeia (there's oodles of it). What's lovely for young readers is finding familiarity with Narwhal's and Jelly's friendship. Whereas Narwhal is positive, carefree and sooooo happy, Jelly is rather jealous, grumpy and nervous. Regardless of the differences they care greatly for each other and each story takes us on a new journey as they encounter new obstacles to or opportunities for FUN!

I recently gifted my Primary School library with a set of these books and they're never in there! Good sign!!!!

The children this morning in book club absolutely loved finding out all about Narwhal and Jelly. I read the first chapter of the book then we got to the activities (available to download as a PDF below) - some opted for colouring, others really enjoyed the challenge of the word search, and we all had a super giggle creating our new Narwhal and Jelly names. As always we run out of time, but they took the packs with them to have fun with at home.

Time to 'Partycorn'!!

Illustration © Ben Clanton
Illustration © Ben Clanton

Creative fun

The activity packs are superb. I have popped each separate activity that Ben Clanton has very generously created and hosts on his website into an easy to download and print PDF. The activities include: a word search, colouring, name generator fun, jokes, create your own comic strip. Enjoy!

Watch the Narwhal and Jelly song by Emily Arrow

Download a Ben Clanton's Narwhal and Jelly activity pack:

Narwhal and Jelly Activities
Download PDF • 1.73MB

About the creator

Ben Clanton (author + illustrator)

Ben Clanton is the author/illustrator of the NARWHAL AND JELLY early graphic novel series as well as IT CAME IN THE MAIL, VOTE FOR ME!, and REX WRECKS IT. When Ben isn't doodling up stories (and often when he is) he likes to cook, explore outdoors, and play basketball. Ben lives in Tacoma, WA with his wife, son and goldendoodle pup.

...and visit Narwhal and Jelly at their o-fish-al page

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Grab a copy

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Publication date: 13 September 2022

Format: Hardback

Also in this awesome series by Ben Clanton:

Praise for the 'Narwhal and Jelly' series:

'Hilarious and charming.' - Dav Pilkey, bestselling author of Dogman and Captain Underpants

'Undersea adventures have never been so darn cute .... The incessant charm and unabashed joy should make this an easy sell. Swimmingly delightful and a guaranteed smile-maker' - Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

'An utterly enchanting start to a series that's bound to be popular among young readers' -Starred Review, School Library Journal

'Geez, Narwhal and Jellyfish are adorable. There's no other word as appropriate for this duo& readers will likely clamour for the next outing' - Starred Review, Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

'Bantering dialogue entertains throughout, but the book's best moment might belong to the third story, when Narwhal lends Jelly his "favourite book in the whole wide water, which is blank...". "It's an imagination book, Jelly!... Narwhal explains. Readers ready for underwater goofiness of the non-SpongeBob variety will be eager for more adventures from this duo' - Publishers Weekly

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