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Book Review: Wren by Lucy Hope (Nosy Crow)

For ages 9+

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‘Fledgling’ blew me away last year, Lucy Hope’s debut middle grade book with Nosy Crow. As soon as I finished reading it I was on the phone to my contact there begging to find out whether there was to be a sequel… all I found out was that there was going to be another book from Lucy in 2022. OK just to put anyone out of their misery right now in case you felt the same as me after reading ‘Fledgling’… ‘Wren’ is NOT a sequel! However if you loved the hint of the supernatural, the quirky inventions, a Victorian era historical feel AND a family mystery to solve with a big twist in the end….. YOU GOT IT!!!!!

ALSO please cover your eyes if you go onto my book store or any other online store to purchase ‘Wren’…. I don’t know what possessed someone in marketing at Nosy Crow to basically give away the massive twist in the plot in the blurb!! Luckily I read this from a proof so I didn’t venture to check out these things beforehand…. I’d have been gutted!!!! Im the kind of girl that won’t watch a movie trailer if its a film I’m excited about. I like to let the magic unravel as I read the book, don't you?

Anyway, Lucy, hats off, you’ve done it again. I love this story. I love that again this year we have another exciting middle grade set in Wales, filled with Welsh history and culture. I love that Wren is a 12 year old girl who is curious, loves nature, invents, problem solves, wants justice and happiness for all and takes daredevil risks. I love that her tyrannical and troubled father is keeping deep dark secrets and that no matter how far his evil efforts extend, Wren is determined to make the world a better place despite of her horrid little brother's thwarting efforts.

With so much of Lucy’s own family history poured into this story the writing is sincere and powerful. From folk tales to actual historical events that took place hundreds of years ago, to celebrating and giving recognition to the beautiful Welsh countryside and bird life around Cardigan Bay and the mountains of Snowdonia, and female pilots, you’ll be flying high with Wren and her amazing adventures. Thanks also, Lucy, for the last chapter, where the reader delights in joining Wren's journey once more 66 years later - so often we are left wondering how the characters' lives might have turned out (e.g. 'Fledgling' - Lucy when we meet one day, please tell me!).

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About the creators

Lucy Hope (author)

Lucy Hope grew up in North Wales, though now she lives in the Cotswolds. After jobs ranging from managing telecoms products to working in schools, she did a master’s degree in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa university. Wren is her second novel.


David Dean (illustrator)

David Dean has illustrated around 140 covers over the course of 21 years, having graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA in Illustration and an MA in Communication Design. Known for his exotic and colourful work, David works in a room surrounded by books from many different cultures, from which he finds inspiration.


Key themes

grief - loss of a parent (mother)

STEM - flight

Welsh history and legends


love of birds and nature



empowering girls

set from 19th-20th century


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Publication date: 6 October 2022

Format: Paperback

Also by Lucy Hope:

'Fledgling' (Nosy Crow, 2021)

*My review copy was kindly sent to me by the publisher.

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