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Book Review: How to be a Doctor and Other Life-Saving Jobs by Dr Punam Krishnan (Nosy Crow)

Illustrated by Sol Linero

For ages 5+

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Here’s my husband with our two children, very much enjoying connecting over his role as a Consultant Cardiologist in the NHS. The children don’t really get to see him ‘at work’ like they do when I’m at home creating my book reviews or digital content for clients. I jumped at the chance when Nosy Crow offered me a copy to review! Such fun!

This is the 4th book in Nosy Crow's ‘How to be a…’ series that inspires our young readers to think about their interests and future career opportunities. What’s more the author is none other than GP Dr Punam Krishnan, the lovely bubbly doctor for BBC Morning Live and BBC Radio Scotland , a fellow mummy and more…!

About the story

Becoming a medical doctor takes years of dedicated training and long hours. As a family we have followed my husband from place to place as he completed 10+ years of training before he became a Consultant only 6 years ago! It was lovely for the children to listen to him read this book to them then explain how some of the scenarios and facts applied to him, his patients, the multi-disciplinary teams or the hospitals where he works. He even told the children some of his junior doctor stories about working with cadavers, how he and I first met when we were both working at the same NHS hospital in Cardoliology, and even his funny capers as a young doctor when he wasn't on duty.

'How to be a Doctor' (Nosy Crow)

I think Ava and Otto hadn’t previously appreciated how dedicated their daddy is to his work and how much he cares and goes the extra mile for his patients every day, even if it means he sometimes doesn’t come home until after bedtime and leaves before the school run. Their eyes grew wide as they grasped the reality that their daddy actually leaves the house every morning to save lives, improve life expectancy and quality of life; and that there is even the rare occasion he comes home sad if a very poorly patient has passed away.

'How to be a Doctor' (Nosy Crow)

This book is a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and explore unknowns, especially between carers and their children. There are so many types of doctors in healthcare, whether they’re in different specialties, or scientists working in the laboratories with diseases or bloods, pharmacists, or mental health professionals. My husband's parents were both medial professionals (a GP and a Nurse) and perhaps one day Ava or Otto might follow in their daddy's footsteps.

'How to be a Doctor' (Nosy Crow)

This book contains a vast amount of information in bite-size chunks that are visually accessible and engaging for young readers, especially due to the vibrant and inclusive illustrations by Sol Linero - a children’s illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires.

About the creators

Dr Punam Krishnan (author)

Dr Punam Krishnan, GP and author of 'How to be a Doctor...'

Dr Punam Krishan is a GP. She has always been fascinated by people’s stories and finds a lot of joy in helping others feel better. From teeny tiny babies all the way to the grannies and grandpas, Dr Krishan is there to make sure her patients as are as healthy as they can be! As well as science, Dr Krishan also loved drama and English at school and so years after becoming a doctor, she used those interests to make medicine even more exciting for herself by working as a TV doctor, doing radio shows, having her own podcast and even writing a book in order to help millions of people feel better, live healthier lives and feel inspired about their health and wellbeing.

When she is not working, Dr Krishan loves spending her time with her husband, her two kids and her dog called Simba. They spend their weekends finding new adventure trails in the beautiful Scottish outdoors. Dr Krishan loves dancing and it doesn’t matter where she is, if music comes on – she will embarrass her kids and dance like nobody is watching!


Sol Linero (illustrator)

Sol Linero, illustrator of 'How to be a Doctor...'

Sol is a children’s book illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires. Her illustrations are filled with details and beautiful colors focused on children’s products like books, puzzles, board books and memory games. Sol has worked for Airbnb, Pottery Barn Kids, Unicef and international magazines such as Oprah, Jamie Oliver, Wired and The Washington Post.


Key themes






Grab a copy

Buy here through my affiliate link at or purchase from your local independent bookshop...

Publication date: 2 June 2022

Format: Paperback

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*Nosy Crow provided me with a review copy of 'How To Be A Doctor and Other Life Saving Jobs'.

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