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Book Review: Future Hero: Mission to the Shadow Sea by Remi Blackwood (Scholastic)

Illustrated by Alicia Robinson

For ages 7+

I’ve been sooooo looking forward to the 2nd in this series! What a superb young readers/early middle grade offering. Honestly, what a relief. Finding really great quality relatable chapter books to keep children hooked on reading as they transition from picture books to non-illustrated middle grades is no easy feat.

About the book

In the first story, Jarell finds out that he’s the ancestor of an Ulfrikan warrior hero called Kundi. Jarell’s older brother’s new barbershop in South London has a special VIP room at the back run by the mysterious Legsy, who turns out to be an Ulfrikan God, expelled in a sort of Loki-esq way and who champions Jarell, sending him through his mirror portal to Ulfrika on a mission to become the ‘Future Hero’ and restore peace in Ulfrika. Jarell discovers he must battle an evil sorcerer called Ikala together with a new found friend and Ulfrikan warrior, Kimisi. The only thing is, he can only visit for a limited time, until the new fade in his hair starts to burn away!!

In this new exciting adventure, after learning some new warrior fighting moves from Legsy back at the barber shop, Jarell is needed back in Ulfrika and this time he must find the Iron Crocodile missing piece of the staff. With a new suit and able to breathe underwater, Kimisi and Jarell enlist help from some manatees to visit the merpeople of the Shadow Sea to ask for help before Ikala gets to the Iron Crocodile first. It’s not going to be easy! Ikala has placed the underwater kingdoms under a curse and Jarell and Kimisi have to work together to find a way to overcome Ikala’s mischief at the same time as diplomatically getting the merpeople to overcome their differences with the Inkya Sea Horse people so that united they can win the day.

Alicia Robinson’s illustrations are plentiful throughout the book. The text has an uncomplicated flow, which is brilliant for less enthusiastic readers. If your reader loves contemporary superhero characters, good vs evil, fantasy comic-style characters, then this is a sure fire hit! There’s never a dull moment in these Future Hero stories and I’m very much looking forward to book 3.

About the creators

Remi Blackwood (author)

Alicia Robinson (illustrator)

Key themes

super powers

super hero




good vs evil


Grab a copy

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Publication date: 10 November 2022

Format: Paperback

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