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Book Review: Adventures with Finn and Skip: Forest by Brendan Kearney (DK)

For ages 4+

Finn and his dog, Skip have sailed across the sea to explore the rainforest. They're having the time of their life, amazed at the beautiful birds and butterflies, animals in the trees and lots of creepy-crawlies... when suddenly it all disappears...

I am so thrilled to see that the hugely gifted children's author and illustrator Brendan Kearney is back with a sequel to 'Fish', as I completely adore Finn and Skip, and the adventures they go on together to help children understand ecological issues around the world.

About the story

After discovering the reality of how much rubbish is in our oceans in Finn and Skip's first adventure 'Fish', the happy duo are off on their second trip across the sea. This time the 'one man and his dog' team are heading to a rainforest.

As soon as they get ashore, the reader gets a wonderful feel for the beautiful rainforest, and all the fun that can be had as Finn and Skip cycle, row, camp, and climb trees. Kearney's sumptuous illustrations are filled with wildlife and plants which are fun to spot and name when reading with a young child...

Their expedition is whizzing with wonder until, just like that, the rainforest stops and gives way to trucks, loggers and a bare forest floor. What a shock! Finn just can't work out why the rainforest is being cut down!Then he notices the now homeless and hungry animals, He tries to shelter sloths, bears, wild cats and more in his tent, and sets off the following morning in his boat to them find a new part of the rainforest further down the river to settle in, but it's engulfed in flames and firefighters had to come and help.

At this point in the story the firefighters explain what is happening to the forest, why the trees are cut down and sold, what the wood makes and why the land is then burned away... to make way for farming cattle or growing palm oil, for example. Firefighters are absolute superheroes and they are ideal characters in the book to be giving serious advice to Finn and the readers... use less paper, recycle or reuse, support charities etc.

Happily, for now, the animals find a lush new part of the forest to live; and when Finn and Skip get home they feel the call to action - are more careful about what they buy and they share their knowledge with others.

This is an ideal picture book adventure series to teach children about climate change, whether at home or in class. The illustrations are very engaging and the storyline flows seamlessly, whilst intertwining important learning about our planet. Looking forward to the next one!

About the creator

Brendan Kearney lives and works by the sea in the Southwest of England with his family and little dog Crumble.​

He is the Author/illustrator of Musical Mac, Fish, Penelope Strudel and The night the Moon went missing.

He is also the illustrator for the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series published by Sterling Children's Books.

Brendan loves pond dipping and fossil hunting, but absolutely hates carrots.

Visit Brendan's website:

Key themes

Climate change




Click the pdf link below to download a printable A4 'Forest' colouring sheet! Enjoy!

Forest Colouring SPread
Download PDF • 192KB

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: 6 January 2022

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