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Blog Tour: My Mummy is a Witch by Helena Garcia (Owlet Press)

Illustrated by Jess Rose

For ages 2+

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An Owlet Press published kids book is always a treat. In this case they’ve tuned into TV’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ star, Helena Garcia, and worked with her to produce her first children’s picture book. A special welcome to those who have found my review today through the Owlet Press Blog Tour - so happy to see you here!

There are gorgeous end papers… filled with potions, bats, flowers, not to mention some fascinating facts! Did you know that witches used snail slime to cure burns? I did not!! How awesome is that?! Reading sure is learning. I’m just such a fan of Jess Rose’s illustrations too, her colour palettes are so delightful.

About the book

Helena Garcia’s bubbly, rhyming text compliments the artwork with a day-in-the-life story narrated by a young girl. She is telling the readers all about her magical mother. Together they weave their way from breakfast to a walk in the woods with the little girl riding atop a wolf’s back, to a bubble bath with friendly frogs in a cauldron, to snuggling up for bedtime. This ‘witchling’ certainly treasures these precious moments with her mummy - her sun, moon and stars.

Words © Helena Garcia + Illustrations © Jess Rose
Words © Helena Garcia + Illustrations © Jess Rose

As an adult reading the storybook, I really feel Garcia’s passion for baking, creating foodie delights from her wanderings as she forages in nature and shares this with her daughter. Mass culture has lost its way when it comes to nutrition and its bond with nature. Fear and anxiety about straying from the ‘safety’ of ‘pre-washed’ and packaged food produce in supermarkets has meant that we have lost one of the key elements of joy and excitement of being outdoors, walking in the countryside, studying plants, roots and fungi, and what is literally on our doorsteps for free, edible and very yummy!! Adorably, Helena Garcia has included a lovely recipe on the back cover - ‘Make Your Own Dandelion Ice-Scream’!! So much fun!!

Words © Helena Garcia + Illustrations © Jess Rose
Words © Helena Garcia + Illustrations © Jess Rose

Helena Garcia refers to herself as a ‘kitchen witch’ on her Instagram bio. Let’s not forget the importance of women healers through history and how they have been unjustly persecuted and murdered. Without their knowledge, who knows where we would be with food and medical science!!

Filled with imagination, comfort and love, ‘My Mummy is a Witch’ is a heartwarming and inspiring picture book to share with little ones all year round.

About the creators

Helena Garcia (author)

Following her success on "Bake Off", Helena published two adult non-fiction titles, The Wicked Baker and The Witch-Crafting Handbook (both Quadrille). She has developed her own design-led brand "Witches by Helena Garcia", which offers home accessories and fashion products for "the modern witch".

My Mummy is a Witch will be her first children’s book. A rhyming story celebrating the love between a mother and daughter, with a fantasy twist, the story is narrated by a young girl who describes all the things she does with her mum throughout the day and explains how they make memories together.

Author, Helena Garcia foraging with her daughter
Author, Helena Garcia foraging with her daughter

The perception of witches has been skewed throughout history and this book seems like a fantastic opportunity to show the loving and joyful aspects of witching culture. I was keen to work with Owlet Press because I knew as a smaller publisher, they’d be collaborative and help realise my vision to bring magic to a younger audience." - Helena Garcia


Jess Rose (illustrator)

Jess Rose is an author, illustrator and designer living in rural Yorkshire, England. With a big imagination and a love to laugh, Jess spends her days illustrating and writing children's books as well as illustrating for big name brands and licenses in the commercial market. Jess’s love for the outdoors, nature and her children often inspire her work and fuel her imagination.


Key themes

Mother-daughter bond





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Publication date: 27 April 2023

Format: Hardback

*reviewed from an advance reading copy provided by the publisher

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