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1,000 followers on Instagram!

Nicci Rosengarten

3 Aug 2022

..a beautiful achievement to mark 6 months of The Kids Books Curator

About six months ago, I decided to leave my role as a Bookshop Manager and Creative Director at Moon Lane to start my own business - The Kids Books Curator. I wanted to use my 20 odd years of skills built up within different industries, particularly in digital, to further support my mission for children (and their adults) to have access to and read books they can trust; books that speak to all children, meeting them where they are at and inspiring them as they grow into the adults who will rule the world around us in the not so distant future.

Growing to 1000 amazing followers in less than 6 months has given me the affirmation and confidence to continue to grow my brand, and, especially to champion representation in children’s publishing. The Instagram book community is incredibly supportive and I’m so proud to be part of it.

Whether you are authors, illustrators, publishers, PR, parents, carers, teachers, librarians, kids, book fanatics, I’m so thrilled you have found me and have started to follow me… thank you 💛. Every DM you send me about my posts or requests for book recommendations, every like, every share means the WORLD to me and takes me one step closer to what I dream my business will be in 1-2 years time🥰.

💕Thank you, Nicci x

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