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Nicci The Kids Books Curator (photo copyright Rebecca Douglas Photography)

So Glad You're Here.

Hey! I'm Nicci and I started 'The Kids Books Curator' in 2022 to bring you the best kids books right now. I mainly focus on books for Primary school age children (4-11 yrs old) and am on a mission to maximise the reach of books that are representative of our global experience to increase awareness, empathy and understanding, whilst supporting parents/carers, publishers, authors, illustrators, agents, libraries, schools, bookshops. I promote excitement, positivity and supportiveness when it comes to reading. I am very lucky to have two super awesome young readers at home who join in with reviews and recommendations from time to time. 

I have been trained and schooled by the multi-award winning Moon Lane specialist Childrens bookshops where I was fortunate to have enjoyed a number of years as Creative Director and bookshop manager/bookseller.

Services I provide:

Want to buy the books I recommend?

Your local bricks and mortar independent bookshop, online through my affiliate links to UK that will generate a shared revenue with UK independent bookshops. 


Can I curate books for you?

Yes of course! Get in touch!


Like what I’m doing? Need some help?

Not only can I offer advice and guidance on book buying for children, but I offer consultancy services to schools, libraries, bookshops, agents and publishers. I have 2+ years award-winning experience in the children’s publishing industry, 20+ years in the digital sector, and am also a qualified project/programme manager with 10+ years experience.



I am available for in-person/virtual speaking engagements, events and press.

Some house rules and 'good to know's:

1. I won't review or promote any books I don't rate. If you'd like me to consider your book for review and to be a part of my online marketing programme, please get in touch below. I reserve the right to say 'no thank you', it's nothing personal.

2. There will be no bad mouthing tolerated in comments. You'll be blocked, and reported if necessary.

3. I'm happy to advise on books if you contact me through social media, but please be patient for your response. 

4. If you would like to purchase any of the books you see on my social media, please support your local independent bookshop, or purchase from me via my UK page as a percentage of the sales will be donated to UK bookshops. 

5. Please do leave comments and get in touch with your thoughts on books too!

The Vision

Humans of any age discovering + enjoying kids books together

The Mission 

The Kids Books Curator mission is to champion the very best children’s literature, creators, bookshops and publishers; sharing my specialist children’s bookselling knowledge and digital marketing skills in order to advise and guide both adults and children in making the right choices for themselves, their schools/homes/libraries, their brands (e.g. bookshop, publisher, influencer, etc) whilst at all times ensuring what I promote to read is inclusive, representative, educational and fun!

My Core Values


  • I will be personal, sensitive and sincere 

  • I will take responsibility for my actions

  • I will inspire and share my sensibility to the people who follow me

  • I will be genuine to who I am

  • I will act as a role model and challenge poor behaviour


  • I will champion, celebrate and respect diversity and differences to ensure every child sees themselves in a book

  • I will prioritise fairness, consistency and equality

  • I will seek out who is doing work that aligns with my own values

  • I will champion sustainability

Showing up and serving my audience

  • I will be warm and approachable, and treat others with compassion and kindness

  • I will fix things and learn lessons from my mistakes or when things don’t turn out as planned

  • I will promote creativity and respond positively to feedback to help me do better

  • I will respect and value everyone as a person

Happy reading!


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